Gourmet Halal Burgers in Richardson and Plano, TX

At Olive Burger, our burgers, sandwiches, salads, and wraps are known for being an utterly delicious lunch or dinner option for Richardson and Plano, TX, area residents looking for hearty Mediterranean flavors. But you may be surprised that all our meat meets halal standards. This means we can offer you gourmet halal burgers with no extra effort or specification on your part.

Since 2012, Olive Burger has provided halal burgers, sandwiches, wraps, and other food to the greater Plano area. We started as one family’s attempt to provide quality halal burgers and Mediterranean flavors to Plano and Dallas area burger lovers. We’re still family-owned and -operated, and we’re so much more than an average burger joint.

Come try one of our juicy, mouthwatering halal burgers for yourself!      

Our Delicious Gourmet Halal Burgers

Every burger we make for you starts with 1/3 of a pound of 100% halal ground beef — from animals that ate well, lived good lives, and were slaughtered according to halal standards. We top it with fresh veggies and American cheese to crisply contrast with the rich, juicy beef patty. Or, if you like, try a Beyond Burger.

Each of our burgers has a distinct flavor profile deliciously brought to life through careful preparation by our skilled cooks. Whether you’re looking for the classic hamburger or cheeseburger, the richness of our mushroom burger, the cool creaminess of our avocado burger, the spicy kick of our jalapeno burger, or our signature Olive Burger, you can find a burger that delivers the flavor you want — deliciously prepared and always 100% halal.

Want some quality halal burgers for your work lunch, party, or another event? Let us take care of the catering with heavenly burgers that everyone can eat.

Come into either of our Plano locations or our Richardson location, or order your burgers for pickup for a delicious meal that is always 100% halal.